Wireless Installations

Digital Telecom specialise in Wi-Fi solutions for a wide range of industry types and applications. Our team of Wi-Fi experts work with you to ensure that we design,and implement the perfect wireless solution every time. Our technical team are also available to support your investment post-install and help integrate any new technologies.

Indoor Wi-Fi

Indoor Wireless Solutions. Managed Wi-fi systems that provide fast, secure wireless connectivity for offices, schools, warehousing, retail and many other scenarios.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Wireless solutions for outdoor access. Wi-Fi for events, stadiums, beer gardens, marinas, caravan parks and many other outdoor Wi-Fi scenarios.

Point to Point Wi-Fi

Use wireless connectivity to link buildings up to 15km apart. Achieve speeds as fast as fibre connectivity without the high costs and construction works

Point to Multipoint Wi-Fi

Connect offices and units on business parks together using point to multipoint Wi-Fi. Also ideal for connecting main school buildings to mobile classrooms.

Benefits Of Wi-Fi

  • Convenience – Access network resources from any location within the wireless network range.
  • Mobility – Your users are no longer constrained to work from their desk, they can access resources from conference and meeting rooms
  • Productivity – Access to the internet and key business applications allows your employees to get their job done and encourages collaboration
  • Easy Setup – Quick and easy installation
  • Expandable – Expanding wireless networks is simpler than with wired connections
  • Security – Robust wireless security protection ensures only valid users access your network.
  • Cost – Without the need for expensive wiring, the costs to operate wireless can be less.
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